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Maintain And Installation Of Plug Valve

Installation guide
Must remember to recommend the cock valve USES, and analyze the application to determine the most suitable for installation kind of valve. In the installation of the correct cock before, in order to prevent damage to the cock, and ensure the cock full performance, please read the installation guide.
1 first along the vertical cutting lines, and ream, burr and size.
2 use sand cloth or steel wire brush to clean both make the metal surface to shine. Steel velvet.
3 in the outside of tube and inside of solder cup, flux coated surfaces must be completely covered. Please use flux.
4 to ensure that the valve is fully open. Apply heat to tube first. As much heat as possible through tube into cock. Avoid extended cock of the heating time itself.
As long as site allows, cock should try to keep close to wed. All above ground installation and operation platform in the contact position for easy or other work or higher 2100 mm valve should be able to let a person to the work of hammer pulleys. Hammer with a pulley splinting, type u-series and cannot be J - bolt plywood. The valve can be installed in the vertical position for horizontal position, also can be installed.
Cock all the welding operation maintenance and repair of welding must use the ASME section IX of the standard and welder welding process. All of the repair welding including HanKou should be used low hydrogen welding process. Welding repair shall, in accordance with the approved process, the main HanKou maintenance is needed after the owner agrees.
Cock of castings welding repair should be put on production completed before treatment. Welding repair or to HanKou maintenance must in any metal stress elimination of heat treatment process. For in the maintenance of casting hardness test, because to appear HanKou across the heat-affected zone, and the mother of the tiny hardness. Using 500 grams of load measurement shall be the highest vickers hardness value was proposed.and 310.
For all the maintenance of defect should use the same defect detection originally used by the same NDE method and standard test. Before welding using appropriate tools for welding position cleaning, remove dirt or metal particles. To be objects in depth, thickness of 20% defect may maintenance.
Install and maintain the attention: 1, allow valve handle position of rotation. 2 and cannot be used as throttling. 3 and the transmission mechanism should be installed upright cock.

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