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ANSI/ASME Class 150 Lbs FluoroSeal? Plug Valve Cut-Away 2014-05-20
1. Bidirectional in-line bubble-tight seal independent of line pressure 2. Multiple external bubble-tight seals independent of line pressure
Cameron GENERAL VALVE Four-Way Diverter Valve 2014-05-12
Cameron's GENERAL VALVE? four-way diverter valves feature no-leak stream separation and a longer seal life.
XOMOX? Severe Service Valves (XP, 3D, SSV) 2014-05-07
XOMOX? severe service sleeved plug valves offer superior sealing to meet all of your fugitive emission needs. With its live loaded double packed stem a tight seal is assured.
XOMOX? Easi-Sleeve SPV 2014-05-04
The Easi-Sleeve provides all of the features and benefits of the conventional sleeved plug valve with the additional benefit of unrivalled ease of maintenance through single module design of all inner
XOMOX? Control Sleeved Plug Valves 2014-04-29
These plug valve provide protection of the soft seat in throttling applications and in service with high pressure drop across the valve. Cage plugs allow metal-to-metal throttling and metal-to-soft-se
XOMOX? HF Sleeved Plug Valves 2014-04-25
Our HF sleeved plug valves are appropriate for acid processing and HF alkylation applications.Valves are available to meet the specifications of various licensors including ConocoPhillips, U.O.P. and
XOMOX? Full Port Sleeved Plug Valves 2014-04-22
Overview Our full port sleeved plug valves are well suited for handling difficult flow materials such as slurries, brines, mud and sewage. They are excellent for media that tend to scale or precipitat
XOMOX? High Pressure Sleeved Plug Valves 2014-04-08
For higher pressure applications, most sizes of our sleeved plug valves are available in class 600. Tufline non-lubricated sleeved plug valves are available in ANSI Class 600. Exceptional service. Be
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